Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do Not Disturb, by Giani Versace

Good morning fellow bloggers and mail enthusiasts. I've got a busy day ahead of me. Aside from my normal household chores, I have a going away party to attend this evening on the other side of town. I'm going to write a beautiful letter and give it to the person who is leaving Las Vegas. I'm so sad because this person is my mentor, my spiritual teacher and an exceptional human being.

In honor of me being so busy today, I thought I'd show you a postcard I'm sending out today for a swap. It is titled, Do Not Disturb, by Gianni Versace. I think it's quite appropriate, don't you?

I have the whole series of Versace postcards which I found in a little thrift shop in Pahrump, Nevada nearly two years ago. I've sent a few out in Postcrossings but there's a part of me that thinks these could be worth some money because of Gianni Versace being a famous designer and then being murdered. I'm saving the best cards for myself and who knows, there may be a market for it someday.

I wish everyone a super great day. Until the next and mail, XOXOXO

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