Friday, January 16, 2015

Doggone Postal Delivery!

I love sending and receiving snail mail, but one of my passions is collecting vintage postcards. There are many reasons for the WHY of my postal hobby, but it's hard to explain to non-mail enthusiasts the signifigance of a postmarked card that is handwritten with a note. Even if the note is brief, you still feel the love that went into it. I mean, the writer had to etch out some time to write which means he/she was thinking about the recipient. A postcard can show the sense of humor of the sender and the writing can elude to the personality of the person. More than that though, the writer is recording a specific moment in time, making a historical record of his environment. That's why postcards are like little treasures to me. It makes me imagine the lives of the people who corresponded with one another. 

Currently, I have over 4,000 vintage postcards. Yes, I know. I'm a little crazy. I recently obtained the ones in the above photo and they are currently my faves. They are so cute. I get tickled every time I look at them. Don't they make you smile too?

I love the wit in this one. This postcard is over 100 years old. 

Sniff! Sniff!

Darling, I'm lonely without you. Wish you were here.

This is the one that drew me in. So sad looking. This is my favorite one because of the note on the other side. See for yourself.

Postmarked March 24, 1910.
To: Miss Christina Anderson

The note reads: I guess this is pretty true. Arthur

I think he must have had a crush on Christina who may or may not have returned his feelings.
I feel bad for him and I wonder if he ever wrote to Christina again or if she wrote to him. 

I sure wish more people today wrote letters, especially love letters. I am a romantic at heart and I am crazy about love letters. My first boyfriend wrote me love letters all the time. I guess I miss that.

Love to all, XOXO...........


Scriptor Senex said...

Now I know what to include in my next little envelope to you! Not sure Ive got any dog ones but I've plenty of vintage written ones going spare.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Can't wait to see what you send. I also like the ones you send me and write on. That's always a nice treat too.