Monday, November 12, 2012

Are my expectations set too high?

Hello my lovely readers.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Mine was pretty lazy, however my husband and I did have dinner with friends Saturday night.
That was a nice little outing.
My mailbox was empty a lot this week.
But I suppose the end of the week always brings little surprises.
I joined a Mega Christmas Card Swap through Swap-Bot and I'm starting to see the results of that.
Friday delivered me one Christmas Card.
I love Santa Claus images and this one is perfect.
This one traveled from Oregon.
I didn't check my mail on Saturday but this is what I found inside on Sunday.
I adore this card for several reasons.
First, it's from Texas and I love Texas.
Second,  I actually own a pair of red cowboy boots so it totally fits my personality.
Third, who doesn't love a fashion statement at Christmas time?
It's just so cute.
This card traveled from Virginia.
The card isn't really my style even though it is quite lovely.
however, I rated this person with a 5 and a heart because of what's inside.
This person, who I've never met took the time to write something really wonderful inside.
She made an effort to do more than just sign her name, and to me that is very special.
Thank you, Allison.
I was more excited to find the next two envelopes in my mailbox.
 A potential penpal who received my name and address from Letter Writers Alliance.
I like that she decorated her envelope.
She sounds like a very nice person and I look forward to writing her back.
This is the letter I was hoping to find in my mailbox.
I love all the bright cheerful colors and those metalic smily faces.
I love the label and the stationery.
This is from Angie in Texas and I really like her.
I think we have some things in common.
I can't wait to write her back.
I only sent out one letter this weekend and it went to my friend Jim in California.
We've been friends for about 27 years.
He's been going through a difficult time lately so I hope I am able to cheer him up.
I forgot to cover up our home addresses so I won't be posting a picture of it.
I'm too lazy to walk upstairs and get my USB for my phone in order to upload and edit.
I have a question for you.
When you join a swap do you give it your best and expect the same or do you just fulfill the minimum requirements?
I must say, I want my packages, cards, letters, words to make an impact and I am quite disappointed when I receive so little effort from other swappers.
Am I over reacting, expecting too much?
I mean really, anyone can just send a card and sign their name, but if that's all they do, it isn't really special. Why join a swap if you're not going to put your whole heart into it.
I saw a profile of a woman that says she's an atheist.
Then why would you join a CHRISTmas card swap?
Any comments appreciated.
Thank you.

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Tanya said...

Hello! Your mail looks so cool! I'm thrilled when I see mail like that!:)

Talking about mail, you said you want your packages, cards, letters, words to make an impact and you are quite disappointed when you receive so little effort from other swappers. I know what you feel. I feel the same with postcrossing tags. I do my best to wrap and pack nice items and gifts lovely, but some taggers send that little effort and call it a night. But some taggers send really nice ones, so I am trying not to feel discouraged.
Happy waiting for Christmas!