Friday, November 2, 2012

In Tatters!

Last month I participated in my first swap over at Swap-Bot.
I had to send a package to Belgium, which arrived to the recipient just after 7 days.
I knew I would be receiving a package from the UK.
I kept waiting and waiting until finally, it arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.
When I saw the package I was very excited.
I couldn't wait to see what goodies would be tucked inside.
I eagerly slid the package out of my mailbox and noticed that the whole package was tattered and torn, not just a little bit, but completely and utterly destroyed.
It happened at The Royal Mail Distribution Center.
How do I know this?
Well, they slapped the package into a plastic bag and put a label on it.
I received a lovely letter and a card from the sender but much to my dismay,
the items that she talked about in her letter were not the items in the package.
The Royal Mail put somebody else's stuff in my package.
The following is what arrived:
The book on the left is a chinese translation book.
It translates chinese into english.
The angel book is nice, but the sender did not send any of these items to me.
I also received a stack of brochures/order forms for coffee and matching stickers.
I was so confused.
All I could do was send a message to the sender to get clarification.
It's just really weird, because both her card and her letter was tucked safely into the package.
To say I'm disappointed is an under statement, yet I know it's not the sender's fault.
Onto a much happier note, I did receive a postcard in my mailbox.
It came from a blogging friend in the UK who knows I recently signed up for postcrossing.
It was a happy surprise.
I need to make a note to myself to ask him where he got this postcard.
I like it.
I only had one outgoing yesterday.
It was a letter to Lynn.

I hope she likes the cartoon themed envelope.
I'm off to write more letters.
See you all later!

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