Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wait Is Over

Awhile back I had written to the Letter Writers Alliance.
This envelope greeted me yesterday when I checked my postal box.
I love the stamp they used.
Don't you?
I eagerly opened the envelope, knowing what it would contain.
It was the name and address of a potential penpal.
My fingers are crossed that we will be a good match for correspondence.
I guess time will be the judge of that.
Anyhow, that was the only piece of mail for my incoming.
But I did have a few pieces going out.
This is a card traveling to Germany to another postcrossing member.
I hope she likes the pc as well as what I wrote.
This one is traveling to an all girls middle school in Korea.
The card is in care of the teacher, but each student will get a postcard.
The following is what I wrote on the back of the card.
Normally, when I send a postcard I usually write more personally
but the teacher requested to write something about the city/country/culture.
Does anyone else struggle with what to write on postcrossing cards?
I think that's a topic for another post.
Anyhow, I also sent out one letter to Mendy.
And that's it for yesterday's mailbag.
What's in yours?

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