Friday, November 9, 2012

Sad little mailbox this week.

Hello world.
My P.O. Box hasn't seen a lot of mail this week.
But it was happy on Wednesday.
This is what was inside on that day.
A letter and a postcard, both from Mendy in West Virginia.
I leisurely read her letter while I ate lunch and it was very nice.
I love the postcard too. It's my first map postcard.
At home, in my regular mailbox was another card from my oldest and dearest friend, Cari.
You know, the one who doesn't do snail mail.
Maybe I'm rubbing off on her.
It was a thinking of you card and hope you fell better sentiments inside.
She moved to Florida earlier this year so I don't get to see her very often.
The following is the outgoing mail I sent out this week.
This is my first letter to my potential penpal (through Letter Writers Alliance)
This is a thank you letter to Becky.
And now...............for my postcards.
I love these Vanity Fair Postcards.

This is going to a postcrossing member in the USA
This one is on its way to Cari in Florida.
This one is traveling to my sister in Hollywood, CA.
That's it for my mail this week.
I won't check my p.o. box again until later this evening or tomorrow.
I'm going to make myself some lunch and then sit down and write a reply to Mendy and another letter to my long time friend, Jim who lives in my hometown.
I hope all of your mailboxes are receiving lots of love.

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Tanya said...

Amazing envelopes!