Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Full Mailbox.............

It's been another great couple of days inside my mailbox.
Take a peek inside at all the love coming my way.

 An official postcrossing card from Russia.
I really like the card, however, the sender didn't write anything at all on the back.
No hello, no kiss my ass, no nothing.
Total disappointment.

An official postcrossing card from Japan.
I think it's very cute.
The expression on the dog's face is priceless.
The sender writes, "Hello JarieLyn! I've never been to Las Vegas. My aunt lives in San Fransisco. Today is sunny day. Red and yellow leaves are very beautiful now. Winter will come soon. Happy Postcrossing!"
It really warms my heart when people take the time to say something personal.
Anything written is worth reading, and it means so much more than just receiving a pretty picture.
An official postcrossing card from Germany showing multi views.
Very nice.
The sender writes, "Hallo JaireLyn. Greetings from Germany with pictures of all parts of my homeland!
I don't know why many people only request single view postcards.
I happen to like the multi views because you get to see more of the culture in one card.
A really cute postcard from my penpal Mendy.
I love this image.
It makes me long for simpler days.
A letter from a new penpal, Rachel.
My first letter from a new penpal in France.
She wrote a great introductory letter.
It was as if she was writing to an old friend and I was reading what an old friend wrote.
A nice letter from my penpal, Mendy.
She also enclosed a few extras.
Thanks, Mendy. That was very sweet of you and I like them a lot.
A letter from Becky, thesnailmailer.
She wrote part of her letter inside this cute card, and part of it on some pretty paper tucked inside.
My first letter from a new penpal in Texas.
Drum roll please.............................................................................................................................
Another delivery from the Royal Mail.
I was so excited when I opened this package.
It was another package from that swap I mentioned in previous posts.
I am telling you, this girl really went out of her way to make up for the disastrous package that I received the first go around.
The second package I received from her was more than enough.
But this.........................
Is the icing on the cake.
This is what was inside the brown paper wrapped box.
A horoscope book, because It's my thing.
Another book, a subject which I have been fascinted with all of my life.
A box set of mini notecards, matching mini paper, and envelopes.
It is soooooooo pretty.
Two ink pads for rubber stamping.
I like the colors. Very earth tone.
Some butterfly stickers
Another boxed set of notecards and envelopes.
I mean, wow!
What an amazing package.
This is above and beyond the realm of my expectation and I am so thankful for her generosity.
Again, I didn't have much outgoing mail but I will later today.
This is what went out in the last two days.
This letter is on its way to Georgia.

An official postcrossing card traveling to The Netherlands.
An official postcrossing card on its way to Williamsburg, Va (United States)
That's all the mail for today's post.
I will have a bunch of outgoing mail to post tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.
Send some love to somebody!


Angie said...

Your mailbox has been happy! ;)

Café Chick said...

How very exciting! I rarely receive anything in the post these days apart from bank statements and the occasional bill, although most of them arrive online, too. However, I am always excited when a courier arrives with some goodies. :-)