Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Canada, You're My First

This weekend my mailbox delivered to me my very first postcrossing card.
It was sent by Joanna in Canada.
She wrote that she got this postcard in NYC when she was there earlier this year with her husband.
I'm really glad that my fist postcard isn't a typical touristy cityscape scene.
I also got another postcard that was a happy surprise from a fello blogger.
This beauty was sent by Becky who runs the blog, Leaving A Paper Trail and is known as The Snailmailer.
She sent me this postcard because she had seen a comment I made on her blog.
I love getting unexpected mail.
My outgoing mail consisted of two postcards and a swap.
First, a postcard to my nephew's wife thanking her for her notecard.
A postcrossing card going to China.
This card is traveling to Oklahoma.
It's for a swap I joined on Swap-Bot, "Just a Happy Notecard"
Over the weekend I went to a couple of thrift stores and found some amazing Gianni Versaci Postcards and some very unique Christmas Cards from the Phillipines. I think they might be vintage but I'm not sure and I've never seen Christmas Cards like these before. They are photo cards and they don't look like they have anything to do with Christmas until you read the inside of the card.
Maybe you'll receive one of these postcards or greeting cards from me.
You never know.

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Angie said...

Congrats on your thrift store finds! Lovely cards too!