Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coming and Going

I didn't post on Saturday like I said I would.
Here's the outgoing for Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

A surprise for my sister, and a letter and altered art to Lynn.
This is a notecard swap on its way to the UK.
Another notecard swap.
I put a few extra's in both packages.
I hope they like what I chose.
My outgoing for the Mega Christmas Card Swap
This is on its way to Georgia.
This is also for a swap I joined called The Little Things.
An official postcrossing card on its way to Germany.
This one is going to Texas.
And now................ The incoming
An introduction letter from a member of Sendsomething.
She also sent me some lovely vintage postcards for my collection.

Postmarked 1909
Postmarked 1912
I love the humor in this card.
Postmarked 1958
I love this one.
I can't make out the postmark on this one.
Wikipedia states that the Welcome Travelers show was broadcast around 1947.
I adore vintage postcards.
This one was postmarked 1914
Postmarked 1910.
I cherish these little bits from history.
It's real life, not boring text book stuff.
These are personalities, and here they are over a hundred years later making my acquaintance.
How cool is that?
 my friends, is the beauty of snail mail.
I will be sending a reply to the lovely lady who sent me these wonderful images from the past.
An official postcrossing card from Taiwan
The sender writes,
Hello Jarielyn: Taiwan is located in East Asia. It is a little island!
Maybe you can travel here someday and have a good trip here!
Maybe someday, Sharpei.
An official postcrossing card from Finland.
The sender writes, Hello JarieLyn!
Greetings from northern Europe, from Finland!
I'm Marja, a 24 year old student. I live in Helsinki together with my boyfriend.
My favourite season is summer, too.
Then it's nice and warm in Finland and you can sunbathe and have picnics!
Soon we'll get snow and winter feeling.
I hope you like this dry martini postacrd! :)
Bye, Marja.
I do indeed like this martini card, Marja.
I like most postcards featuring drinks.
I also am thrilled that you were able to write quite a bit in such a small space.
I always try to write as much as possible when I sent out postcards too.
Well, that's it for today dear mail enthusiasts.
I look forward to reading and seeing your beautiful mail correspondence throughout the day.
Until next time...............
Have a happy day!

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Amit said...

Lovely cards!!! I always wanted vintage cards but you see it's not possible to get them here.