Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Live a Colorful Life

Good evening my adorable peeps. Awhile back I decided to google images with positive quotes to post to my facebook page. There's so much negative shit that people get caught up in on facebook that it just compels me to want to spread a little sunshine. {smile} Anyway, I usually find images with quotes I like, save them up on my computer and use them whenever the mood strikes me. I came across one that had a retro image of women in colorful bathingsuits that just said, "Live a Colorful Life". It resonated with me and I really like it a lot. You could interpret the quote in many different ways, but I like the simplicity of that one sentence. Don't be an imitation of someone else, but live your own life filled with interesting things. Many different things. Face your fears and take a few risks. Don't be boring. Be enthusiastic and excited about everything. See the possibilities and jump!

That one little quote inspired me to use my own photography for the Liberate Your Art Project.
They arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  Don't they look pretty all laid out in a circle? Can't wait to start sending them to people.

Here is what the single postcard looks like on the front of the card.

 The back of the postcard with all my information.

This is my original photo and a second place winner in an annual photo print competition. This photo hung in an exhibit at the Federal Courthouse for about a month with all of the other winners.
I took this photo while on Vacation in San Antonio, Texas during 2012.

I hope it adds some color to your day. Now go live a colorful life.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Yesterday was the official first day of LetterMo and I sent out one Postcrossing.

This is going to Malaysia, but I forgot what I wrote. The girl wanted postcards with food.

Today, I sent one of my lovely guitar postcards to my friend Deyanira who happens to Live in San Antonio, Texas.

Tomorrow, hopefully I will mail out a letter or two.

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CatieAn said...

these are so beautiful. I am trying to go through my art and photography to decide what I am going to send out for my postcards have to get on it