Monday, December 3, 2012

A busy week

Hello my lovelies, It's been almost a whole week since I've posted.
 It's been kind of a busy week for me and I've been a little under the weather as well.
It's Monday, and I'm still not up to par but I'm making the most of it.
I want to brag just a little bit.
Saturday night I went to an award banquet/Christmas party hosted by my camera club.
I was relieved of my duties as secretary for 2012 and then sworn in again as secretary for 2013.
I guess no one else wanted the job so basically, I ran against myself and was voted in again.
This is what I was given to take home with me.
And then,
I got this which was a total surprise.
Anyhow, it was a fun night and in addition to my lovely plaques, I also recieved a certificate of appreciation and a couple of prizes that my husband and I won in the raffle.
How cools is that?
Anyhow, I know you came here to look at mail so I will get on with it.
I received some wonderful mail these past few days.
This is from a notecard swap I joined on swap-bot.
The swapper was quite generous and added a couple of extras.
Isn't that butterfly notecard and evelope to die for?
Butterflies and flowers aren't normally my thing, but I just fell in love with this design.
I received this cute card from my penpal Ally
She enclosed an interesting article from Dear Abby about how to write a letter.
I enjoyed that little tidbit very much.
A holiday card from my penpal Mendy.
A postcard from a swap on swap-bot called " I'm Writing This Postcard While..."
I love this card.
An official postcrossing card from Czech, Prague.
The sender writes:
Hello, I'm Mia from Czech, Prague. I love books, Korean variety shows, rock/punk/reggae. I love colourful things, sea, rain, llamas, recently postcrossing. I enjoy songpop as well :). I hate cold weather and love summer. I wish to travel Asia one day. You wrote you watch too much TV-I watch too much PC=I hate Czech TV, nothing intersting there, but I'm in love with everything that comes from south Korea. Have a nice time~ Mia. 
She sure did write a lot in such a tiny space.
And that's what makes this card so special.
I love it when people write something about themselves or their town or country.
It shows that she cares about making the recipient smile.
An official postcrossing card from Germany.
The sender writes: Hello from Germany to USA!!! =D
I hope you lke my postcard :)
Merry Christmas Ever!!!
Happy Postcrossing.
A really beautiful Christmas card from Mega Christmas Card swap.
These are the types of christmas cards that I love receiving.
Doesn't it just seem so magical and dreamy?
A cute snowman from the same swap, different person.
An adorable Christmas Polar  bear from the same swap, different person.
I like this card a lot too.
It makes me smile.
For some reason polar bears remind me of my dog, Sasha.
Sometimes she could look just like a little polar bear.
Another Christmas card from the same swap, different person.
A postmarked santa card, same swap, different person.
I really like this card too.
I think I am definitely partial to cards with Santa Claus.
This is a postcard that was enclosed inside one of the cards.
I believe it came in the beautiful santa and sleigh card but honestly, I can't remember.
I thought it was a nice little touch to add.
It is very much appreciated.
I received a large envelope from my penpal, Lynn.
We've been exchanging art and art challenges with one another.
I really loe this piece.
I had created some art on paper and then scanned it into my computer and printed it out on canvas.
I then asked Lynn to do the same thing and then print her art on top of my art on canvas.
This is the end result of both of our creations.
What do you think. Do you like it as much as I do?
I also enclosed a blank canvas so she could create something and send it back to me.
I like what she did so far.
Now I'm going to create some art and then print it on top of what she created and send it back to her to keep or do whatever she wants with it.
She sent me a couple of challenges.
And this is a postcard I challenged her to alter.
I think it's awesome.
A few more art pieces and a letter.
It was a great package.

I think that's it for the incoming mail.
Here's what went out......
A letter to a penapal in Illinois.
 An official postcrossing card on its way to Michigan.
An official postcrossing card on its way to Belarus
An official postcrossing card on its way to Poland
A letter to a penpal in Ohio
A letter to my penpal in France
A brief note on its way.
An official postcrossing card on its way to Germany.
Well that's it for last week.
I have a lot more going out today which I will probaby post tomorrow.
I hope everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit.
I know I am.

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The Artful Diva said...

I wanted to stop by and and say hi. I've been remiss with my blog hopping - gathering up all my fine junk for a garage sale! What a cool idea for a swap - postcards, who knew! You received some beauties.