Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Ten Year Love Affair.

I love Sundays.
Sunday is the day I sneak off to meet with my endermologist. 
I cannot keep it a secret any longer.
I want to shout to the world how good I feel every time I leave.
This love affair has been going on for about ten years now and I think I will never put an end to it.
Some people get pedicures, acrylic nails, massages, etc. 
I on the other hand, have a tete a tete' with my endermologist once a week and I love it.
My husband doesn't mind at all that I look forward to seeing Shelley each week.
In fact, I think he likes it.
Are you surprised that my endermologist is a female or that my husband doesn't mind?
I know by now that your imagination has conjured up all kinds of lurid scenarios, hasn't it?
Well rest assured, that it is all innocent and that if you had an experience with Shelley, you'd be hooked too.
Now, get your mind out of the gutter and go google endermologie.
Here's some mail to get your thoughts back on track.
A pretty package and nice gift from my penpal Rachael.
Here's what was inside:
A really nice note card set.
I really like the designs.
They are very pretty.
She enclosed this cute card with a nice note written inside.
A nice multi view post card of Yosemit National Park.
This is from a swap I joined, "A Postcard in The USA"
Another postcard form a different person, same swap.
I really fell in love with this card.
It's a photo of Zane Grey, the author of numerous western novels.
The weird thing is that I was just talking about him a couple of weeks ago.
I think it's Synchronicity that I got this card in a swap.
I love these type of cards because they capture a mood, a personality and evoke feeling.
That's it for Saturday's incoming mail, but it definitely made my day.
I sent out two letters yesterday.
One to a penpal and a thank you to my nephew's in-laws.
I got the beatnik stationery for Christmas and I used every peice of paper in this one letter.
Now, I have these cute envelopes with no matching paper.
I did however, get two sets of this stationery so I suppose I could make copies of the paper in the 2nd set so I can have more paper to go with the left over envelopes in the first set.
The second envelope in the photo is handmade by me.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year's Eve.

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