Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, Monday, So Good To Me

No, it's not just another manic Monday.
 It's a good mail day Monday.
Here's my incoming for the day.
I received this package from a desk de-clutter swap that I joined.
Take a peek inside.
She sent lots of stuff I can use to creat mail art and collages as well as some things to add to my collection of vintage.
She sent me some vintage postmarked postcards, a vintage valentine card, a vintage photograph and some stickers, and odds and ends for smashing and decorating.
I enjoyed this package very much.
A handmade Christmas postcard from my penpal Lynn.
I think she did an awesome job on this.
Thanks, Lynn.
A letter from my penpal Rachel.
She always uses the prettiest stationery.
An incoming postcard for a swapI joined called the Little Things.
This couldn't be a more perfect card.
I feel like it's a message from my beloved Sasha from beyond.
Such a cute card and so meaningful to me.
So that's it for the incoming mail and I was happy to see these items in my mailbox.
Here's the outgoing:
A simple letter swap going to Pennsylvania.
This is on its way to Germany.
This is the first letter in a series for a swap I joined called six weeks of snail mail.
That's it for Monday Mail.

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