Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Creativity Strikes...........

I finally learned how to doodle creatively.
I still can't draw worth a crap, but at least now I can doodle something I actually like.
This is a handmade postcard made by me just this morning.
I cut some cardboard to postcard size with my paper cutter.
Then I traced around the postcard onto some paper.
I doodled inside the lines.
Then I glued the paper to the cardboard and cut off the excess with scissors.
Then I added splashes of color with some watercolor paint.
My first real doodle that I am proud of.
Somebody will be receiving this very soon, as I mailed it this afternoon.
Another doodle on an envelope.
This is a Christmas card going to a friend.
Another letter going out to a penpal.
An official postcrossing card on its way to Finland.
My mailbox was pretty empty today, however, I did receive one Christmas card.
This is from my friend, Charlene.


Satus Mail said...

I thing you did draw a very beautiful card!

Lynn Bishop said...

Love the doodle!
Got the paints today! Thank you so much. It was so thoughtful of you! (I can never have too many art supplies!!)
Mailed you a big envelope yesterday. :-)

Angie said...