Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lonely Mailbox This Week

Hello everyone. Christmas is just three days away and I still have so much to do. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, so I really only have two more days to get my S*** together. I hope all are more prepared than I at the moment. Nonetheless, I couldn't be happier. I love this time of year.

My  mailbox was pretty lonely all week until BAM! I'm not sure what happened but it was like an explosion occurred and everything landed in my box. And it made my day yesterday. Take a look at what came in.

This came all the way from Belgium and it was from the person I was assigned to send something to in my very first swap ever at swap bot.
I love her handmade envelope.
Check out the back of it.
It practically screams my name, or should I say my style.
And inside were not one, but two Christmas cards.
This adorable little ferry topping off the tree.
This lovely sentiment.
I love both the cards she sent.
A lovely postcard from my penpal Mendy.
I love her letters and cards.
A Christmas Card from my good friend Deyanira.
She knows me so well.
A Christmas Card from my youngest brother and his family.
Aren't they gorgeous?

A Christmas Card from my husband's aunt Betty.
And she enclosed some pictures.
Like this one of her dog with Santa.
I love it, and I adore Misty who got to spend Thanksgiving at our house.
A beautiful card from a fellow blogger who I had the pleasure of meeting back in 2010.
She always sends the most beautiful cards.

A Christmas Card from my husband's aunt Ann.
A nice long letter from penpal Lucas
A super cool letter from Derick
A postcard from a Gratitude Challenge swap.
This is a re-send because the first one never arrived.
A Christmas Card from someone on Sendsomething.
I don't believe this is related to a swap or anything like that.
There was no indication where it came from but I found her profile on sendsomething, so I assume it is a random mailing. I love how she decorated her envelope. She really put some amazing stickers on here. Check out the other side.
It's really nice.
And I LOVE the card inside.
So retro and so cool.
So, as soon as I get a chance I will send something in reply.
Thank you for this.
A super cool Christmas Card from Lucas.
I like it.
A big envelope from penpal Lynn with a bunch of awesome stuff inside.
That concludes the incoming mail for the week.
Here's the outgoing:
This is a letter for a swap I joined called snail mail 45 +.
This is for a postcard swap.
Same swap, different person.
Same swap, different person.
Same swap, different person.
Same swap, different person.
This is an official postcrossing card on its way to somewhere in the USA.
I don't really want to say because as chance has it, out of all of the hundreds of thousands of people participating in postcrossing, I got the address of someone in the snail mail blogging world.
Someone that I'm sure we are all familiar with and know very well.
It's definitely a small world.
I forgot to photograph another handmade postcard going to a friend.
And a Christmas card going to another friend/former sister-in-law.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

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