Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twice as Nice

We finally got some rain yesterday and a little bit today.
We needed it.
I love the smell of the air after a good rain.
Everything is so fresh.
I'm combining Thursday's mail with Friday's mail.
Here's the incoming:
A Christmas card from my friend, Jim and his family.
I've known Jim for about 25 years.
such a cute and adorable pengquin Christmas card from Becky the snailmailer.
A beautiful Christmas card from a swap.
 I love this card, the anticipation of Christmas.
A handmade postcard from a possible new penpal.
I think this came from sendsomething but not 100 percent sure.
This gorgeous postcard from Germany.
Official postcrossing card.
It is stunning.
The sender writes:
Hello Jarielyn, I send this card from the North of Germany to you.
I live in a small village near the Danish Frontier.
I have two cats and a horse I spend almost all of my free time with.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Regards, Martina.
Another lovely landscape from Russia.
Official postcrossing card.
The sender writes:
Hello, my name is Elena.
I live in Moscow.
My hobby is clay modeling of various products.
Now I make pottery for Christmas.
It Boutout gifts for my friends.
Merry Christmas.
I wish you peace and good.

 Another official postccard from Russia.

The sender writes:
Hallo Jarielyn!
Happy postcrossing.
On the card you can see an amazing synth-pop band.
They were called a Russian Depeche Mode, but their real name is Tehnologia.
They were created in Perestroyko.
Best regards to you!
P.S. I love their songs and I love Depeche Mode too.

I am a huge fan of Depeche Mode as well, Anne.
Thanks for the card.

An adorable card from Angie at Mailbox Happiness.
I love how she decorated her envelope.

A letter and a card from a swap, A Christmas Letter in Your Mailbox.
Love the Christmas paper and the letter was very nice.
As it turns out, we share the same birthday.

Now for my Thursday and Friday outgoing mail:

This lovely altered postcard that I made for a penpal.

An official postcrossing card going to Ukraine.

A large envelope on its way to Lynn at Sunny Room Art.

Another Christmas card going out to a friend.

A letter on its way to Mendy.
I used wallpaper border to make the envelope.

That's it.

I am looking forward to my husband's company Christmas party tonight.
My last Christmas party of the year.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Angie said...

Your mailbox arrivals look so warm, wonderful and happy...just like you! :)

I hope you don't give up on me just yet.