Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Month of Letters and Yesterday's Haul.

 Like so many other mail enthusiasts, I finally joined the bandwagon and signed up for A Month Of Letters.  The idea is to write and mail one letter a day, whether it be an actual letter, a postcard or other written note. February is a short month and the month of letters is even shorter because there are only 23 postal days in a month.
My goal is to double or triple that amount. 
So here's my proposition:
If you leave me your contact information on my postable account which is completely safe, secure and private,
I will send you either a postcard, a notecard or a letter.
There's no obligation, but wouldn't it just make your day to see some happy mail in your mailbox.
Just sayin!
Now, here's what was in my mailbox yesterday.
It's a lovely pile of mail, don't you think?
This was from A Bit Of Everything Swap.
A notecard, teabags, used postage stamps, stickers, postcard and a note.
This is from the same swap, different swap partner.
I received nearly the same things from her.
A notecard, two teabags, used postage stamps, sparkly cat stickers, a bookmark, memo sheets and a nice note.
An official Postcrossing card from Russia.
I love the train with all the snow in the surrounding it.
The sender writes:
Hey, JarieLyn!
My name is Yulia, I'm from Russia.
I love Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, dogs, music, literature, etc.
I work as a Japanese interpreter at a car-maker's and I love my job! <3
My dream is to live in Japan (at least for some time) and have a dog.
If you have instagram, pls, come see my profile: hystericus.
Hope you'll like this card!
An official Postcrossing card from Germany.
I get a lot of cards from Germany.
Hmm! I wonder if thats a sign? 
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn, very nice greetings from Hamsburg, Germany!
Hopefully you will like this card which shows two famous sailing ships in front of the Container (??)
It's funny to read that you watch way too much TV-normally people try to hide their appetite "for something so normal" :-)
Apart from watching TV (as well too much) I like reading and meeting my friends and drink a glass of good, dry red wine.
I like a glass of good sweet white wine, Carsten.
This is from Just A Happy Note Card Swap.
Very happy faces on the front of the card indeed.
The contents were happy too.
This is week number five from my swap partner for Six Weeks of Snail Mail.
She sent me all kinds of goodies.
I can't wait to try that peel off mask.
A swap from awhile back that resulted in a new penpal.
A letter from my penpal Mendy.
I enjoyed going through all of my mail yesterday.
Here's what went out.
This is for a swap called a PC, Notecard, and Letter swap.
The envelope looks large but it is only a 6 X 9.
That's all I sent, but I am working on a bunch of letters in the next day or two.
It also really bothers me when it takes me a week or longer to respond back to mail I've received.
I know it shouldn't but it does.
I hope everyone has a lovely day.


Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

What a lovely mail! That "project" A Month of Letters" seems so great! But I'm having doubts of to participate. You have my address, I would love to receive a card, letter or a notecard from you! But I don't really understand where I can leave my address.. The postable account??


Jacqueline Roy said...

Wow! What a wonderful mail day indeed! :) My mailbox was empty today but I don't blame the mailman for not stopping by since the temperature was a freezing -38 celcius. Tonight it is supposed to be -44 celcius. I signed up on your postal account so I'm looking forward to your mail. I'll send something back so don't forget to include your address. :) Jacqueline

Kalise said...

WOW! So much beautiful mail! my mailbox was sad last days, so I really enjoyed reading about mail you get!

Angie said...

Oh happy day, a lot of mail coming your way!

Elisabeth said...

Haha, that train with the snow from Russia, I thought it was from Norway at first! Looks like something that could be here :) Love your incoming :)