Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Snail Mail

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday.
This should have been posted on Sunday instead of today.
Here's my weekend mail.

A very nice letter from another blogger and as of this moment, a new pen pal.
Check out her photography blog.
It's pretty cool.
Also, here's a link to her other blog.
An official Postcrossing card from Taiwan.
It looks like paint on canvas.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
Warm greetings from Taipei, Taiwan :)
This postcard is Taiwan's top 10 tourist spot, truly a very beautiful beach in Taiwan's East!
Hope you'll like it :)
Happy New Year <3
Yes, I do like it.
This is from a swapper for Surprise in an envelope swap.
Cool postcards, notecards, and stickers.
That's all that came in on Saturday and zero mail on Friday.
I sent out a few items but I only took a photograph of one.
I forgot the others.
This package is going to one of two partners for A Bit Of Everything Swap.
I forgot to take a photo of the other one for this swap.
I also sent out something for Just A Happy Note Swap but forgot to photograph it.
A birthday card for my brother, also forgot to photograph.
Here's what I dropped in the mailbox on Monday even though the post office was closed.
This is a re-send for a postcard swap that never made it to its destination.
Hopefully, this postcard will make it to New York.
These three postcards are for another postcard swap, A Postcard For Your Thoughts.
One is going to Arizona; one is on it's way to Oklahoma and another is traveling to Illinois.
These are official Postcrossing cards.
One going to Pennsyvania, one going to Sweden, and one going to Belarus.
This is going to Germany.
This is week # 6 of Six Weeks of Snail Mail Swap.
And that's it for the weekend and Monday mail.
I hope everyone has a happy day.


Angie said...

Love the envie and the postcard with the little girl...adorable!

Wonder where the lost postcard is hiding, maybe it will eventually make it's way to the intended.

You know, I never get the word verification correct on the first time. Weird, guess my eyes are failing.

theobscenity said...

Beautiful mail indeed!

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Wow, you got a lot of nice mail and you also send out a lot of great mail! :) Hope today was another day filled with nice mail. I had one card and one letter! :)

lynn said...

Thanks for linking to my blogs! And I guess this post answers my question about whether you've heard of zentangle. :)

Jacqueline Roy said...

Gosh! I LOVE all of those postcards! I especially love the Norman Rockwell one and the vintage looking ones. I also love the idea of the "bit of everything " swap. Can't wait to what you receive in return! :) Jacqueline