Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Show and Tell Mail

Monday, Monday, please let it be the weekend again.
Well, it's back to the grind, at least for people who work.
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
Here's all my mail that came in and went out.
An official Postcrossing card traveled from Florida.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn-What a great name!
I'm Sera & live in connecticut with my husband & 3 cats.
We vacationed in Maine last year- you'd love this place-trains, old cars & the ocean.
I applaud your love of snail mail there's an art to it that's rapidly dying-& that's sad.
Happy 2013!
An official postcrossing card from Russia.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn :)
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
~St. Auustine~
How true, how true!
This postcard comes from a swap I joined, "A Postcard for Your Thoughts."
This beautiful package comes from another swap, "Surprise in an Envelope"
I loved everything inside.
Here's a peek.
A lovely note written inside of a beautiful Thomas Kinkade notecard.
Southern Lady Magazine, a piece of red velvet fabric, some die cuts, stickers, A true vintage page from a magazine and a scrap of paper.
All very nice items that I really like.
A big fat missive from my penpal Lisa in France.
This is exactly what Sasha looked like when she was a puppy.
It brought a huge smile to my face.
A letter from new pen pal Patt introduced by swap-bot.
This is traveling to Russia for a swap I joined, Quick Stationery swap.
This is round 4 of The Adventrues of the Traveling Postcard.
Inside is the postcard I received from New Mexico in round 3.

This is traveling to Washington for another swap I joined, 50 Stickers.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to Florida.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to the Netherlands.
As you can see, I didn't send out any personal mail over the weekend.
But.......stay tuned for tomorrow to see what I sent out today.

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Susi Letter said...

What beautiful cards you get and sent out. I hope I soon will get any cards of postcrossing again.