Friday, January 25, 2013

The Bridge and Other Good Mail

I went to my mailbox on Wednesday and it was completely empty.
I knew it would be even before I opened it.
That's the way it goes sometimes.
I did send one piece of mail out on the same day.

This is a long overdue card going to a really sweet person in another country.
Yesterday I had some mail.
A letter from my cousin.
The contents of my cousins envelope.
I loved receiving a letter from her.

From Melinda on Sendsomething.
An official Postcrossing card from Germany.
A beautiful photo.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn, my name is Harry, 55 yr old.
You like bridges?
Okay-this photo on this card I shot last fall on one of my last cycling tours.
It's a bridge crossing the Rhine-Herne-Canal near the city "Gelsenkirchen".
The weather was not so bright but I hope you like it.
A swap-bot card from one of my swap partners for A Postcard For Your Thoughts Swap.
My outhgoing mail for Thursday:
A Penpal letter.
Another Penpal letter.
And yet another Penpal letter.
That's it for the mail until I post again this weekend.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable, relaxing and fun couple of days.
You derserve it!


Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

That's soo sad your mailbox was empty on Wednesday! Mine was empty yesterday, but today I did get some cards. :)
Love your incoming mail and the card you've send out is cute (or the envelope is). :)
Enjoy your weekend! xx

PostMuse said...

Love your snowflake address "blinds" :)

Hooray for mail! Looking forward to LetterMo!

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Oh dear, I didn't knew the dogcard was for me, but I received it today! That was so wonderful! Thank you so much for it! :) I really loved it! Also to read it of course. I will write you back soon, I've already bought some cards for you, but I'm guessing they would be to small... :) But don't worry, soon something will come your way again...