Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Package Deal

My mailbox is at the very bottom.
Each time I check my mail I have to squat all the way down, butt practically touching the floor.
But it's worth it when I see stuff like this in my box.
I received a package from one of the swaps I joined.
(For those of you who don't know, every time I use the word swap, I am referring to swap-bot.com)
All I can say about this is that the woman packed a lot of stuff into this little box.
This package came all the way from Germany and was for a snail mail swap I joined.
I was thrilled with the contents.
 This photo doesn't do it justice.
I received 6 postcards, 3 notecards, 2 Christmas cards, (1 with a very nicely written note)
3 lettersets, 6 sheets of decorative paper, a ghost writing pen, heart stickers, and heart and envelope embellishment stickers, and air mail stickers.
Everything was a delight.
 The pen up close.
I shall have fun with this.
All the postcards were unique and I loved every single one.
I received this beautiful letter from my pen pal Angie
I love this envelope.
It is so pretty and the letter inside was even better.
 A postcard from my swap partner for the six weeks of snail mail swap.
Another letter from a pen pal, L. R..
I was very pleased with yesterday's mail and I was busy writing letters on Sunday and Monday.
Here's what I accomplished to write and get mailed out yesterday.
That's why I didn't get around to doing a post.
It was late by the time I finished and went to the post office.
A pen pal letter going somewhere in the USA.
The other side.
I post in the order that I write them so if you don't get a colorful letter it's because my hand was too tired to do the work.
This is a letter in reply to a pen pal swap I received.
This may be the start of a new pen pal friendship.
This is going to the Netherlands.
Pen pal letter going somewhere in the USA.
Another pen pal letter on the same stationery as the one above it.
But I used a different quote.
Another pen pal letter.
This is for my swap partner in the six weeks of snail mail.
This is week # 5.
(it's different partner than the one who sends to me for those unfamiliar with swap-bot)
This is a random send to someone on sendsomething.net.
As you can see, my hands were busy yesterday.
I've got more letters to write.
Maybe it'll be to you!


Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Wow, that's a lot of nice mail you've gotten and posted! :) I think you make the receiver very happy with them!

Angie said...

I'm thrilled you received a great package on Swapbot, you deserve it!

Love your departing mail!

I would have to request my PO Box to be moved higher up because I would end up falling over...which would give Meredith a laugh! HA!