Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finding New Purpose on Wednesday

After receiving no mail on Tuesday, I was delighted to open my mailbox yesterday and see something in it.
An official postcrossing card from Germany.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
From on of Germany oldest towns (over 2000 years).
The Best Wishes to you and a Happy New Year to your family.
Thanks, Wolfgang. I love buildings with lots of history.
Amazing and beautiful.
In Las Vegas, we blow everything up that gets old.
A card from my penpal Ally.
She enclosed an article on where to send your old greeting cards to be recycled.
It was very thoughtful of her.
If anyone is interested in the article leave me a comment and I will post the whole thing.
Oh, it's a happy mail day today.
Yes indeed and it's also the name of the swap I joined.
This is from my swap partner for that swap.
I love how she decorated the envelope.
Inside were two postcards and a happy letter.
I love this postcard.
We Live For These Moments That Find New Purpose.
I got this adorable postcard from my penpal Rachael.
It's for an experiment that she started in 2011.
I would tell you all about it but I'm not sure that she made it public.
This postcard really put a smile on my face.
It's just happy mail.
A New Year Letter from our camera club friends, Ed & Linda.
Things I worked on yesterday to go out.
My own photo postcard I printed myself.
I photographed this peacock in 2010 I believe.
I did some creative post processing and this was the end result.
It's on its way to a penpal.
This is going to my Swap partner in Germany for the six weeks of snail mail swap.
Week number 4 which should have been sent out on Monday but I forgot all about it.
I hope she forgives me for being late.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to Germany.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to New York.

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Angie said...

I'm so happy you got mail today!

I'm happily writing you...but had to take a break for a little blog love since I have a hand cramp (does that mean I don't write enough or too much)! Ha!