Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday's In Box

Yesterday I posted my outgoing mail.
Here's the incoming.
An official postcrossing card from the Czech Republic.
The sender writes:
Hello, many greetings from Reporyje-a small part of the city of Prague.
On the card you can see the most inportant monuments-the church, the mill, the old school, railway station and WWII memorial.
 I hope you are well and wish you happy new year 2013. Bye Filix K-------
A really cute puppy postcard from Thailand.
The sender writes:
I'm Kirasorn from Thailand.
This is Thai Languages ?????? ( Hi)
Sa-Wad-Dee.  ?????? (Thanks)
Khob-Khun.  ????? (I Love You)
Chan-Rak-Thur.  (Happy Postcrossing)
The question mark areas were Thailand writing. Obviously, my computer doesn't have anything other than english symbols so I cannot duplicate what he wrote.
I thought it was really cool that he wrote me some words with english translation.
A lovely postcard from a swap I joined. ( Send me a postcard USA only)
Another postcard from the same swap, different person.
This one is from New Hamshire.
A postcard from Mendy.
A letter on a notecard from Carla at 365 letters blog.
She was the first person I ever wrote a penpal letter to back in early September.
I had forgotten all about it because I never got a reply until yesterday.
This was a nice surprise.
Thanks, Carla.
That's it for the weekend mail.
Have a nice Sunday.
Write more letters!

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Doreen said...

you are such a special person JarieLyn. what a fantastic idea you have here, for a blog and to also do personally. must be so exciting receiving mail from all over the world. you go girl!!