Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Behind

Good afternoon!
I'm a little behind in posting so for now, here's the incoming and outgoing for Wednesday and Thursday.
I'll post an update later this evening regarding A Month of Letters.
Here's my outgoing for both days.
An official Postcrossing card going to China.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to Hong Kong.

An official Postcrossing card Traveling to Ukraine.
This is going to my swap partner for One Sentence a Day January Swap.
On the receiving end....................
I received an amazing letter from my penpal Rachael.
She doesn't know it but I am a HUGE fan of Elvis Presley.
I love that stamp!
A pretty card and a nice note from my penpal Ally.
Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R4 arrived.
My signature will be the 4th one on this particular card and then I will forward it on to someone else as soon as partners are assigned for the next round.
Also, the sender enclosed a couple of extra postcards which I thought was very cool.
This is from a swap called 50 stickers.
That's it for Wednesday and Thursday mail.


marijke said...

I was thinking about participating in the sentence a day journal... But because of the Lettermo ... I decided to wait for the next month. I'm kind of curious how it looks like, your notebook filled in!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Marijke, I meant to photograph the little journal and I forgot. I'm in the February journal swap so hopefully, I'll remember to photograph it before I send it on.