Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little slower but still writing.

I made a lot of progress yesterday so it's no wonder that it seems I barely made a dent today.
Here's what I mailed out:
An official Postcrossing card staying here in the USA, Kansas to be exact.
This is for the Postcard A Day swap on it's way to Hanford, CA.
A letter in a handmade envelope.
The back.
A reply letter to a LetterMo participant.
Now for the incoming :)
I recognized the handwriting on this one and it immediately brought a smile to my face.
Its from Angie.
I love that glittery tape and the cute owl stamp.
The card is quite adorable too.
A PC, A notecard and a letter swap.
It's all very nice. I love the postcard.
An official  postcrossing card that is so cute from Finland.
The sender writes:
Hi from Finland!
This is vintage card from 1927.
"Life is Game, Game is Life"
Best wishes from Mari.
An official Postcrossing card from Germany.
The sender writes:
Dear Jarie Lyn,
My name is Evelyn and I live in Berlin/Germany.
I am 46 years old.
My occupation is a secrettary.
I work at an organization which is busy with reparation of Nazi's in justice to jew in the time from 1933 to 1945 in the area of former GDR.
The work has begun only after the reunification of both german states and now is almost finished.
I have a daughter, she does not live anymore with me, she is 23 years old.
I gladly go away, read books and do manual labours.
Best wishes,
Wow, that is really a great greeting from a postcrosser.
These are the best ones for me no matter what the front looks like.
So that's my mail.
And I said it's day five, but really it's only day four officially because we don't county Sunday.
But I'll probably continue to confuse myself and others.
It's still day five for me because I wrote something every day of the month so far.
I've been experimenting on my computer to make labels and other things but so far it's been a total failure.


Jan said...

Very nice mail and what an especially interesting PostCrossing card from Evelyn in Germany!
The hedgehogs (PaperSource?) are adorable, too.

Jacqueline Roy said...

Hi there! :) I wanted to answer a question you asked on my blog about ATCs and decos. Well, ATCs are the size of a baseball card and people collect or trade them. I'm part of a group who makes/swaps them according to themes. Decos are bigger and artist booklets. Again there is a theme and then it is sent on to other artists who decorate a page according to the theme. When the booklet is full it is returned to the person it was made for. By the way, you seem to be doing well with your mail challenge/project. :) Jacqueline

Scriptor Senex said...

Love the hedge hugs!

And I can say from my somewhat older years that "Life is a Game".

marijke said...

It's really nice when people take their time to write more than 'happy postcrossing' 'happy swapping', ... on their card. I also like the card more when there's a real message on it! Just a question. What do you mean by 'official postcrossing card'? I've only snet and recieved about 5 cards through postcrossing: still need to learn :)

Elisabeth said...

Wow, how exiting to recieve a vintage card! I like the "love" stamps :)

Dianne said...

I think the handmade envelope is the coolest thing I've ever seen

Amber Stults said...

That looks like a good mail day!

Angie said...

I'm glad you liked the hedgie hugs!

I'm in love with the vintage card you received, it's fantastic!