Friday, February 8, 2013

All Day Long.............

I am as slow as a seven year itch.
It took me all day long but I managed to write a few letters and one postcard.
Here's the outgoing mail:
A valentine and a letter to a family friend I haven't seen since the age of 16.
She was kind enough to add her information to my postable account so she's the first one to check off my list.
The other side.
This is for Decorate an Envelope With Hearts, Swap
The other side.
Valentine's for two special little boys.
This is going to another LetterMo participant whose info was in my postable account.
Going to another LetterMo participant.
And another LetterMo participant.
Thanks to Angie for inspiring the placement of my postage stamps.
So............... that's four checks for my postable account.
I have lots more to go.
My incoming always makes me smile, especially when it comes from great penpals.
 A letter from Angie.
This is the best envelope yet.
I love it.
And a letter from Lynn.
I just made a comment on her blog this morning about how I like her hot air balloon.
I had no idea that it was for me.
This is from the postcard swap, I feel Used.
Vintage, postmarked postcards.
My husband will especially like the sheephorn.
The bunny at the top is a notecard with a note from the swapper.
It's day 8 of A Postcard A Day Swap and I haven't received one yet.
I must be the close to the last on everyone's list.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Satu said...

Oh! I love the idea of the imbricated glittery hearts. Your envelopes are always very pretty. <3

lynn said...

I was wondering if you had received it yet when you commented on the balloon!

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Love your incoming and outgoing mail! :) Never thought of putting the stamps on the envelope like this either. I always put them straight. Shall try to put it different too one day. See if it arrives. Still no sign of my mail to you? :?

Rebecca said...

You are so funny...slow as a 7 year itch. I have to remember that one.