Saturday, February 23, 2013

Postcard Saturday

Hi all.
It sure is windy here in Vegas today and I loathe the wind.
My mailbox wasn't filled to the brim today, but I did receive a few postcards.
A lovely multi-view Postcrossing from Belgium.
The sender writes:
Hi Jarielyn!
Wow, you live in Las Vegas!
I totally got this mainstream picture of Las Vegas but I bet you live in a "normal" house in a "normal" neighbourhood.
Am I right :)
I really liked the little text you wrote about yourself.
you seem to be the kind of person who I would be friend with :)
I hope you like my card.
Maastricht is the city where I go to college and it's in the Netherlands;
I'm also Dutch. I just live in Belgium, that's all. :)
I hope some day to lbe able to visit the USA, would be awesome.
xox Raquel
Thanks Raquel.
I appreciate the kind words.
Another Postcrossing, this one from Russia.
It arrived sealed in an envelope.
The sender writes:
My name is Lyubov.
I live in Penza, Russia.
I like art, good relax music, cooking and reading books.
If you send me a postcard in responce, I will be very happy.
With best wishes, Lyubov.
Happy Postcrossing.
Amazing Russian Stamps.
I love them.
A PC A Day swap (20)
Here's what I sent out today:
Two LetterMo postcards.
One on its way to Ukraine to a lovely person who left their information in my postable account.
The other one is for A PC A Day swap (22)
An official Postcrossing card traveling to Spain.
My first piece of mail to or from the country of Spain.
A letter going to a bloggin friend who also left her information in my postable account.
That's it for the mail this weekend.


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