Thursday, February 21, 2013

Return To Sender

Well today I got a piece of mail returned to me that I sent for Valentine's Day.
My hand wasn't as fast as my thoughts and I wrote the name of the city as the street.
Yep, I'm a dumb ass!
Thank goodness that condition is only temporary.
Here's what I received today that was actually for me from someone else.
A letter from Lucas!
R5 of The Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
My swap partner made this postcard from her own photo and she was kind enough to send an extra for me to keep. 
It's adorable.
I wish you all could see it up close and personal.
That's all the good mail for today.
Here's what I sent out.
This is my resend in a new envelope.
A PC A Day (21)
A Postcrossing on its way to Ukraine.
That was it for my mail today.
Tomorrow shall be a little better for outgoing.
I've already written two letters and decorated the envelopes.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

We all do it.

Yesterday I went to the PO to mail a package to my daughter. A relatively small package, with a t shirt and some mail pieces. They wanted $12+ to sent it to San Diego. I almost fell over. I went speechless. In a daze I said, really? The stuff inside isn't worth $12.

I must be getting old.