Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Mail

Wow, I'm a tad late posting Tuesday's mail.
I must say, I made some progress on my outgoing.
Here's what I mailed today:
This lovely postcard is going to a LetterMo participant.
And this one is for A Postcard A Day Swap.
An actual letter going to a recipient who entered info in my postable account.
Another lucky recipient whose info was in my postable account.
And another recipient whose info was in my postable account.
A Valentine for a family member.
Another Valentine.
Paper books for a special little boy.
Paper books for another little boy.
(The boys are brothers and they are in my sister's life)
I still haven't sent replies to the LetterMo mail I've received but I will answer every piece of mail I get sooner or later.
Here's my incoming for Tuesday:
A beautifully decorated envelope for the decorate an envie with hearts swap.
Yes, I know the hearts aren't predominant on the envie but I still love it and rated with a heart.
And this gorgeous envelope came to my home mailbox and it tickled me pink.
It's a handmade envy from my husband's aunt and I love it.
She spent Thanksgiving with us and apparently I inspired her to make her own envelopes.
Her letter made my day.
And she used Betty Boop writing paper which is very very cool.
I adore Betty Boop.
Oh, and my husband's aunt's name is Betty too.


Jacqueline Roy said...

Wow! You've certainly been busy! I think I see an envelope on its way to me. Yay! :) I love the envelope with the Mary Englebreit design, so pretty! It must've been nice finding that in your mailbox. :)

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Love your incoming mail! :) Oh, Betty Boop is very cute, but there's not many stationary to be found of her. Luckily I have one set, but I'm very carefull with it. :)