Monday, February 25, 2013

Postable: I have sent letters to everyone in my postable account.

Good Afternoon.
I am so glad you are here.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Here's today's mail call.
A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
Greetings from chilly Holland. We miss spring and summer.
I hope it will come soon.
Life is too beautiful to spend it in the cold.
I will go sailing today int he snow.
A Postcrossing from Belarus.
The sender writes:
Greetings from Belarus!
My name is Sergei.
I live in Brest.
Wish you to spend this spring unforgettable!
Received this nice postcard from Jen, a LetterMo participant.
You can check out her blog here.
This is a reply to a postcard I sent out to a LetterMo participant.
This comes from Narcisz in Hungary.
Here's what I sent out today:
An introuctory letter to a LetterMo participant.
Another introductory letter to a LetterMo participant.
Introductory letter to a LetterMo participant.
I have sent out letters to everyone who added themselves to my postable account.
I had a total of 22 people, 3 of those I was already writing to anyway.
So that means that I sent out 18 letters/postcards to someone new.
Most of what I sent were letters.
I have also responded to everyone I received a letter from except for what I received today.
I think I did great considering that the first three weeks I couldn't hardly write due to pain.
I'm still open for new pen pals and people to write to.
If you're interested leave me a comment.
A postcrossing on its way to Massachussettes.
A Postcrossing on its way to Slovakia.
A Postcard A Day (23)
A Postcard A Day (24)
That completes my mail for today.
I hope all of your mailboxes are filled with love.


Anonymous said...

love looking at your blog, got your letter today. will reply asap.

Scriptor Senex said...

I think you've done brilliantly considering the pain your arthritis gave. Have a virtual pat on the back from me and all those who received letters and cards from you! (Or perhaps hugs - that many pats on the back could be injurious!)