Monday, February 4, 2013

Ah, Making Progress on Day 4

I've been a busy little bee today.
I had lots of errands to run and I didn't get a chance to post my mail before I left the house and I really didn't expect to be gone all day.
I sent out a bit of mail today.
It's day four of A Month of Letters and I actually posted some mail for a participant.
Here's my outgoing for day four.
An official Postcrossing card on its way to Germany.
An official Postcrossing card driving all the way to Finland.
Two postcards going out for the Postcard A Day swap.
Sunday's is being mailed today.
This is also for a swap on swap-bot.
Four U.S. Touristy PC In The USA (4 different states) #4
A penpal letter.
Another penpal letter.
And this one is going all the way to Switzerland for a registered LetterMo participant.
I've still got a lot of writing to do.
Here's the mail I received today.
A beautiful vibrant card full of color from China.
It's an official Postcrossing.
The sender writes:
To JarieLyn,
Hello. This card is from China.
Harbin is a beautiful city.
It's famous for ice and snow.
The card show you Harbin Ice Lantern Art Fair.
Have a nice day.
Welcome to Harbin.
I normally don't show the backside but this one is too good not to share.
Of course, lovely stamps but the best part is this......
I love this drawing on my postcard and I appreciate the sender doing this.


Scriptor Senex said...

I love the dog drawing. It makes the card so personal.

marijke said...

The envelope you did with the circles: nice but yet simple. Like it!

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Wow, love your outgoing and incoming mail! Especially the dog at the bottom! The sender did a really good job!

Rebecca said...

This is exciting! I was wondering how it was going.