Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mail Pile

Hello and Good Morning To You.
This is going to be a semi-long post.
I haven't really posted anything since Valentine's Day so there is quite a bit of mail.
I hope you're up for the view.
I'll start with incoming Postcrossings:
This is from Russia.
The sender writes:
Greetings from Russia!
I'm 23 years old woman.
My city is located between St. Peterburg and Moscow.
Now we have a very cold- 15'C
Happy Postcrossing :)
I love this postcard.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
This is the castle of Tettnang the town where I have been born many years ago
Tettang is a lovely little town in south Germany.
The town is famous for the hops.
You need them to brew the beer.
Now you find in the castle a museum and the District Court.
I like TV too, especially "The Big Bang Theory".
Best Wishes.
(having trouble reading her name)
From Germany.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
Best regards from Germany send you Frank.
I live near Trier, which is Germany's oldest city and ery interesting.
I hope you will like this old 2006 card. here.
I wish you much more fun with postcrossing.
All the best & take care.
Frank :)
From the Netherlands.
Here a card from Zevencar, a little city in the east of the Netherlands.
On the front, number 26....those are going to be our new king and queen.
April 30th is the big day that his mother gives her job to him!
From Czech Republic.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
my name is Roamn, and I send nice greetings from Czech Rep.
On the postcard is Pock in Janovice with great exposure to the National Museum.
Best regards,
From Belarus.
The sender writes:
Hello, I live in the city of Minsk, Belarus.
Our small country is between Poland and Russia.
I like to travel and in my plans to visit Las Vegas.
I consider that it is the surprising city.
Good luck!
It is such a cute card.
A postcard from my penpal John.
I love the saying on this card.
I think I'll type it up and makes dozens of copies to distribute to my other penpals.
Incoming Postcard Swaps:
A postcard A Day.
I believe this one traveled from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas.
A Postccard A Day traveled from NY to LV.
A PC A Day
I have no idea where this one originated from, but the image is of Benny Carter, Count Basie Band at the Hollywood Bowl, 1960.
A PC A Day
This one traveled from South Carolina even though the image is of Georgia.
A PC A Day
Traveled from Louisiana.
A PC A Day.
Traveled from Arizona.
A PC A Day.
I'm not really sure where this one traveled from but the image is of flowers in South Dakota.
A PC A Day
This one travled to me from Washington State.
A PC A Day
I'm not sure where this traveled from either.
From my penpal Lisa in France.
A nice card/letter from a LetterMo participant.
A Group swap on Swap-Bot
Surprise in an envelope.
This is what was inside the pretty zebra striped paper.
Tea, cocoa, stickers, notecards, stationery.
I loved it all.
Are you ready for my outgoing or are you scrolling as fast as you can to move on?
The good news and the bad news is that I forgot to photograph some of my outgoing mail.
That means that there isn't much to show.
A PC A Day
A private Valentine swap at Swap-Bot.
The other side of the envelope.
R5 of the Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
A PC A Day.
Stay tuned.
I've got lots of mail ready to go out today.
I'll be posting this evening or tomorrow morning.
My goodness, I feel spoiled.


Rebecca said...

Wow this is a little treasure trove of PCs. So many interesting places too.

Angie said...

The Belarus and Netherlands postcards are fantastic! Lucky, lucky you! Remember the days when you were hoping to get mail everyday...looks like that's happening now. ;)