Monday, February 11, 2013

Penpals and Valentines

I can't believe the weekend passed by so quickly.
I haven't been able to write much at all.
Here's what went out.
Only three postcards including Saturday and today.
This is for A Postcard A Day Swap.
Also for A Postcard A Day Swap.
A Postcard a Day Swap.
I'm hoping to get some letter writing done tonight.
My mailbox had me smiling.
Here's what came in over the weekend and today:
An official Postcrossing card from Belgium.
The sender writes:
I hope you will like this copy of an antique card of the train station in Rotterdam.
(The Netherlands)
From Vronica, my postcard penpal in the Netherlands.
This is a fold-out card and has each of the three photos above as one individual photo when you unfold the card.  It's really nice because there's lots of space to write.
A postcard from another penpal from
She managed to get a lot into this space, just the way I like it.
I love Mexican food, so this card is perfect.
The pile of mail that came in today.
A letter, a postcard, a valentines' day card and stickers from Mendy.
A very nice valentine's day card, letter and stickers frorm Becky.
A most adorable sheep notecard and letter from Mariska.
I love it!
A Valentine's day card also from Mariska.
Who can resist Snoopy, especially in antoher language?
So cute!
A Valentine's Card from the lovely Rachael.

A letter from Lynn and some playing cards that I gave her to alter.
She did a lovely job.
Well, that's my haul and I must say I felt pretty spoiled today.
My goal is to get at least five different pieces of mail out tomorrow.
Or more.


Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Love your incoming and outgoing mail! Especially the Panorama card! :)
I'm glad you've received my cards and luckily Snoopy was a good choice. :) xxx

Jacqueline Roy said...

What wonderful mail you received, so many lovely Valentines! :)